We opened our nursery and kindergarten in 2011 and since then, around 300 children have graduated and started their way through the much more difficult terrain of school. Get to know us better!
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We all know that childhood is the most crucial period for our children and their future, because their lives are defined by family as the most important value, love, security, stability, play, the acquisition of more and more experiences, the satisfaction of an insatiable thirst for knowledge.


That’s where we want to help you and your child.

Help your child to explore,
develop and learn

As practicing parents, we were faced with the fact that there are very few places that offer the exclusive, relaxed and hygienic environment we need to ensure our children’s development, under the guidance of qualified teachers who also consider their chosen profession as a life goal.


We know that children’s sense of security is based on a sense of stability, a cosy environment, familiar faces, objects and smells.


The Aranyló Napraforgó Nursery and Kindergarten was built on these principles.

Our story

We opened our nursery and kindergarten in 2011 with the above in mind. Since then, around 300 children had graduated and started their way to the much more difficult world of school.


However, feedback shows that the acquisition of the basics was excellent, with many children gaining admission to bilingual schools. However, the time has come to transform ourselves into an institution that meets the highest standards and to reach the maximum possible level of international demand.


Our aim remains to achieve a high level of English language proficiency, based on the world-renowned Helen Doron English teaching method, but we also place a strong emphasis on pre-school, with enrolment starting from the age of 6.

Our philosophy

The best way to express ourselves would be in the words of Pósa Lajos. We could only quote the first stanza of his poem “Love the Child”

“Take care of the child! Don’t be sad, be serious,

From the mirror of his eye play eternal smiles.

Let the child stay a child as long as he may be,

He’ll feel the weight of life.

Let the flowers of spring be bright,

Let the bird sing under the shady canopy.

Let the brook’s sparkling pearls ring –

Wipe tenderly the tears of a child!”


Pósa Lajos – Love the Child

How to enroll

Contact us

Do you want to know more about enrolment? All you have to do is fill in the form on our Contact page!

Arranging an appointment

Our colleagues will contact you the next working day using one of the contact details provided in the Contact form!

Personal tour

Our colleagues are looking forward to welcome you and your child in our institution at 1149. Budapest, Pósa Lajos utca 61!

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