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Nursery and Kindergarten

In the heart of Zugló, since 2011, our nursery and kindergarten with Helen Doron English language programme all day english teaching, pre-school activities and a special interior, welcomes your children. Enrolment for free places is continuous through the year!

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In one of the most beautiful parts of Zugló, surrounded by unique interior, we provide a complex and high level education and environmental awareness. We welcome children to our nursery and kindergarten with open arms!

If you want to provide your child from the age of 1 to school age: a fairytale world, a happy,
loving environment, excellent nursery care, high quality kindergarten education, then visit
our institution in one of the most beautiful parts of Zugló.

( 12 months - 2,5 years )
( 2,5 years - school age )

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Great social life and new friends

Your child can find new friends in our family community.

Helen Doron English language programme

Our institutions use the Helen Doron English language method. It is specially designed by linguist and teacher Helen Doron to meet the abilities and needs of pre-school children. The effectiveness of the method has been proven many times over, with the level of knowledge stored and acquired by the end of pre-school at a level where the child’s English language proficiency is close to 80% of that of a native English speaker of their age.

What our members say

See what parents have to say about our institution.
On my first visit, I was convinced that this would be the place where I could have peace of mind that my children were in the right kindergarten for their day. And I have been ever since: I am extremely grateful to the excellent teachers and the management of the kindergarten for providing a loving environment every day where it is a pleasure to be a kindergartener!
mom of a little boy in a small group
The kindergarten teachers are fantastic. My child is having a great time, always happy to go to kindergarten.
Mom of a big group girl
It's a quiet, family-friendly kindergarten, with small groups and special attention for everyone. Our children are cared for and taught by loving kindergarten teachers and nannies who organise fantastic activities and programmes (yoga, folk dancing, baking and cooking), which we parents are kept informed about.

After just a couple of months, both of my children have improved, their confidence has grown, they are confident, they are using more and more English phrases at home, not to mention that on Sundays they look forward to going to kindergarten again on Mondays.

We can't be thankful enough for the fact that our children are safe, loving and in the right place every day!
...when it came to choosing a kindergarten, it was not a small headache for my little girl, as every parent wants to give her treasured treasure the best.

We are glad that we found this kindergarten, because we really get the best, a lot of patience, attention, highly skilled kindergarten teachers and nannies. The English language was also an aspect. I would recommend it to anyone who wants to know their child in a good place with these aspects in mind.
Mom of a big group girl
We've been coming here for 8 years now ( 11, 8, 5 ) years old. The primary consideration then was language, where the large group of children spoke the best English.

After looking at 4 kindergartens, this was the choice. After that we were hooked on the kindergarten teachers and nannies. Family atmosphere, small groups.

Maximum attention to children. The kindergarten teachers are excellent professionals and always cheerful, calm and kind. They are helpful partners in everything. Colourful programmes, activities and development. School preparation. And a thousand other positives... That's why we're old furniture here 😄
I have my second child in the kindergarten, we are very happy with it! The groups are small and the children get the attention they need.

There are many different occupations to choose from. Special attention is also paid to catering. We love our kindergarten!
mom of a big group boy
Choosing this kindergarten was the best possible decision. The building has been completely renovated this year and is aesthetically remarkable. The children develop and spend their daily lives in very good conditions. My little son loves it, he even wants to spend weekends there.

The teachers are very nice, sweet, helpful and professional. On a positive note, the number of children in the groups is ideal for a state kindergarten, so the children get a lot more attention. The activities are varied and engaging.

A variety of activities can be chosen and integrated into the children's daily schedule. On Fridays, the kindergarten provides speech therapy sessions. I would like that the children are constantly learning English expressions, as one of the teachers in the group communicates with them only in English.

I can only recommend the kindergarten.

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