Private Kindergarten
in the heart of Zugló

Our renovated private kindergarten has opened its doors in the Zugló district of Budapest. Enrolment for free places continues throughout the year. We welcome children of pre-school age!

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Private kindergarten in one of the most beautiful parts of Zugló

We provide a high quality pre-school education in a uniquely designed, cosy, child-friendly environment, and a playful approach to learning English using the Helen Doron language method for children from 2,5 years old to school age.

Daisy Group

2,5 - 4 years

Forget-me-nots Group

4 years – school age

Flexible Integration and Individual Development

We organize kindergarten life around a daily schedule, which helps facilitate flexible integration for the children. Consistency contributes to the development of a greater sense of safety. Our opening hours are tailored to the needs of parents, and our breaks align with school holidays, except for the summer break. It is important for us that children can spend meaningful time with their loved ones, as the foundation of healthy emotional development is the parent-child relationship.


Our daily small-group activities provide opportunities for teachers to engage in individual development and apply different teaching and nurturing methods. Each child is seen as a unique individual who requires individual attention. Mini school activities are held in the afternoons, helping children adjust more easily from kindergarten to school.


Our themed weeks always include special programs, and children regularly participate in external programs and excursions, enriching their kindergarten experience. Experiencing diverse environmental influences and impressions is necessary for broadening knowledge and experiences.


For children, learning is not a discernible concept, which is why they have no trouble with it, and they naturally learn a new language through playful activities.








Therefore, one of our fundamental tasks is to ensure the acquisition of the English language, as successful adaptation in adult life is almost impossible without it. With decades of experience and educators who continuously speak and teach in English in each group, our language learning method ensures that children acquire at least a basic level of English proficiency by the end of kindergarten age.


Among our goals is to introduce children to the world, educate them about environmental culture, and develop their movement, abilities, and skills, taking into account their age and development. We must satisfy their immense thirst for knowledge; for them, every part of the unfolding world is a new wonder, a new tangible and experiential sensation.

Our goals include learning about the world, environmental education, movement, skills and abilities development, taking maximum account of their age and development. We have to satisfy their enormous thirst for knowledge, for them every part of the world that opens up is another wonder, another tangible experience, another tangible sensation.


Song and music (music kindergarten), project week, visual education, dramatic games, physical education and pre-school activities are the best tools for developing outstanding community behaviour and personality. At this age, play is still the main activity. This is where the wonder begins, so we build on this to shape our education and teaching, incorporating it into our daily programmes, in daily practice according to their mood and individual development.

Our Mini School program appears as a separate activity in the last year of kindergarten. Our experience confirms that providing children with a taste of school life habits (such as alternating classes and breaks), helping them become accustomed to concentrated behavior, acquiring basic skills in reading, writing, and mathematics, as well as preparing them for admission to certain language schools, greatly contributes to their acceptance into the chosen school and their rapid integration into school life, leading to outstanding academic achievements.

The goal of environmental education is to cultivate individuals who live in harmony with their environment, possess environmentally conscious thinking, pay attention to their surroundings, have appropriate knowledge, attitudes, and motivation, and apply their acquired knowledge in everyday life.

Our educational method results in children who are capable and ready to embrace an environmentally friendly and eco-conscious lifestyle. This lifestyle is characterized by awareness, openness, knowledge acquisition, skills and abilities development, fostering positive emotional attitudes, recognizing and appreciating genuine values, possessing the ability to criticize, and knowing how to manage conflicts properly. They learn to value the surrounding world, love and respect nature, protect not only their immediate environment but also interpret and understand the global world, its protective mechanisms, and how they can contribute to and benefit from them.




Our complex health programme in the kindergarten

Healthy nutrition

Children are provided with four meals a day (breakfast, lunch, dinner and snack), all made from healthy ingredients.

We constantly provide them with a seasonal selection of fruit and vegetables, and we consider it important to keep them well hydrated.

Special meals are provided for children with food allergies.

Movement developement

We practice bigger and smaller movements that estabilish improvements in different skill areas in our well equipped gym.

Expert advice

On request, with the involvement of a special education teacher, information on children's development, and assistance to parents in matters related to child education.

The speech and language therapist 's assessment at the beginning of the school year will give you a good indication of whether your child's speech is age-appropriate or whether he or she needs help.

Every month, child psychologist gives talks on topics of interest to parents, such as nursery, school, child development, adaptation, adjustment to change and other interesting topics, and of course answers your questions.

Healthy lifestyle, sustainable development and environmental education

Learning about healthy living, sustainable development and environmental awareness should start at an early age and become part of everyday life. Our aim is therefore to understand, learn, apply and get used to them. The sustainability and future of the world depends largely on us, and our task is to help the next generation to become environmentally aware and healthy adults.

Salt room

One of the tasks of kindergarten education and care is to lay the foundations for a healthy lifestyle. The salt room serves the health of our children and strengthens prevention.

Air cleaning equipment

Removal of dust particles, contaminants, viruses, bacteria, fine dust, pollen, dust mites, moulds.

Water filtering

Central water filter for excellent water quality.

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