Our optional programmes

We have a range of optional activities for your child in our nursery and kindergarten. Whether it’s sports, play or intellectual development!

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Optional programmes:

Cooking class

Drama Play



Complex movement development


Roller Skating



Music nursery

English cooking classes will teach children how to cook in a playful way, accompanied by music and songs. Each session will consist of 1 to 1 easy-to-prepare recipes (soups/hot and cold dishes/sweets), including specialities from different countries as well as from home. In addition to creating and tasting delicious snacks and learning about the cooking process, we will also practice serving.

Drama Play in English and Hungarian with Actress Szandra Szántó. Young children are transported into a playful, magical world through their imagination, where they can experience various adventures. Even the most timid children gain confidence, open up, and happily participate in group activities. English and Hungarian rhymes, stories, and songs are acted out and brought to life.


Swimming is one of the healthiest forms of natural exercise. The Paskál thermal and open-air bath provides swimming lessons for the children of our institution. Swimming lessons are usually given in groups of 5 to 6 people per instructor, so there is enough attention for everyone. Children’s swimming lessons are based on the principle that if your child learns to swim safely in the water at an early age, there is no need to worry about something happening during a class trip. The advantage of small group swimming lessons is that they can differentiate between children, so that everyone can develop at their own level and there are no big differences between children. 

Creative development of fine motor skills in various topics, with various techniques, in small groups. On the crafty hands lessons children can experience the joy of creation week after week.

Comprehensive Motor Skills Development: Within the ATP (Astra Talent Program), children learn various movement codes that support the development of movement, balance, coordination, and speed.
Basic motor skills can be categorized into three types:
– Progression – Moving the body through space, such as walking, running, jumping, and hopping.

– Stability – Maintaining and moving the body in the horizontal and vertical axes, such as stopping, starting, turning, and moving forward and backward.
– Object Handling – Manipulating objects, such as kicking, throwing, bouncing, controlling, and catching.


Our children can also spend the cooler days with real, valuable, developmental sporting activities with the Babos Ski School. Here, they can learn the ins and outs of skiing in a short time, on slopes of varying difficulty, from qualified instructors. It is a sport that exercises the whole body, develops mental and coordination skills, and provides symmetrical movement that helps the two hemispheres of the brain to work in harmony. 


The advantage of small group instruction is its community-building power, which provides traction for children at all levels. In spring and autumn, skiing is replaced by roller skating, which leads to the basic movements of many other sports.

Among developmental movement games, various ball games (including football) are among the most popular, and for good reason. The impact of soccer on development extends to almost every aspect of children’s lives – all positively, of course.

As a sport, football enhances physical fitness, improves movement and coordination, helps release excess energy, fosters teamwork, and if played outdoors, ensures ample oxygen supply.
Moreover, football offers the advantage of belonging to a team: children learn to fit in, think as part of a group, make new friends, and the sense of belonging can boost their confidence.

Music nursery: regular music programmes are very important for the development of young children. Not only do they develop musical skills, but they also support general cognitive and emotional development. The aim is to create an environment in which children can have emotionally saturated, inspiring and mindful musical experiences. A truly valuable musical experience creates a mood, evokes emotions and even conveys deeper, spiritual messages.

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